Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spinach Feta Bread

Spinach Feta Bread

Yesterday I finally had a little time to myself to try out one of my new bread recipe ideas. I had some fresh organic spinach from our local organic farm store that I thought would go great with some feta cheese and mixed into one of my artisan bread loaves. So I finely chopped a small handful of fresh spinach leaves. Removed the stems first. Then chopped up a couple of green onion tops from my front porch garden pot. To those I added a small handful of crumbled feta cheese and mixed all of that together with a dash of extra virgin olive oil.

I had some nice artisan white bread dough waiting for me in the fridge. So I patted and rolled the dough out on my bread board into an approximation of a rectangle. I spread the spinach-cheese mixture over the flattened dough and pressed it into the dough a bit to make sure it got in there well. I rolled it up tightly into a baguette shape and then realized it was too long for both my pizza peel and my baking stone, so I curved the loaf into a nice arched half moon shape. A sort of spinach feta rainbow.

After proofing for about 45 minutes, it baked up beautifully with spinach and cheese showing through the crust slits. I ate about 1/3 of the loaf while it was still warm with my comfort food dinner. A great treat for my Halloween night. Crunchy crust outside, moist and savory inside. The tastes of Greek Spanakopita, only in a nice crusty warm bread.

Spinach Feta Bread Slices

I will definitely make this recipe again. Great with my dinner and probably will be a good savory breakfast bread to eat with your eggs in the morning. I'll try it if there is any left after my dinner tonight!

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Hardware Bob said...

Very interesting experiments you get involved in, and then you eat them. How cool is that.

The new spinach, onion, and cheese bread looks very yummy, and very colorful.

And, the line for samples forms where?

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh myyyyy, this looks delicious!
And, ladies first for the sample line, right? ;-)