Sunday, August 16, 2009

Egg Bread & Buns

Country Egg Bread & Buns ~ topped with Sesame Seeds

A few weeks ago I experimented with making a wonderful bread that is enriched with egg and lightly sweetened with local honey. It is similar to a "challah" bread.

I made a few small rectangular sandwich loaves topped with a shiny egg wash and decorated with sesame seeds:

Country Egg Bread Sandwich Loaves

This bread made great sandwiches and even better tasting toast.

And as you can see in the first photo above and in the one below, I also fashioned a few Country Egg Buns that made delightful buns for my hot dog (organic meat & relish) lunch:

Country Egg Buns & Hot Dog Lunch

Lunch Close-Up ~ Yum!

The cute little buns were delicious eaten plain as well. No butter needed, as this bread dough already had light olive oil in it to keep it nice and moist.

I packaged and sold the loaves and some of the buns at our local farm store the day that I made them. I will definitely make these again.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Delicate White Dinner Rolls

Round White Artisan Loaves (background) & Delicate White Dinner Rolls

One of my recent weekly deliveries to our local organic farm store included my usual round white artisan loaves of bread which have a chewy crust and a moist interior crumb. Along with those round loaves, I delivered their smaller spinoff cousins, the white dinner rolls with which I had been experimenting. I say "experimenting" because I created the dinner rolls, packaged them up into bags of 6 rolls each and sold them all, without even getting to taste one of my own creations! I now need to make more so that I can taste them myself. They must have been good, because they sold out right away.

I can tell you that these little rolls which averaged about 3 1/2 inches in diameter, had a nice delicately chewy crust covering a soft interior. When I gently squeezed a roll between my thumb and forefinger, it gave a springy resistance back to me that told me it was moist and soft inside. Just right to bite into plain or adorned with soft butter. They would make wonderful small sandwiches for a buffet table or as a snack any time of day. Perhaps with afternoon tea.

Here's what the white rolls and loaves looked like during their "proofing" phase:

White Bread on the Rise!

Guess I had better get busy baking some more so that I can try them out myself, huh?

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