Friday, April 9, 2010

More Country Egg Buns

Cooling and Smelling Great!

Although I've posted about Country Egg Bread & Buns before, I just had to share these photos of my recent baking for the local Farm Store and our family Easter dinner.

They turned out great! Nice and fluffy interior crumb, slightly moist. The outside "crust" was soft yet obvious, shiny from the egg wash. The sesame seeds added a satisfying and nutty crunch. And, and...the buns had the heavenly scent of the orange honey that I used to sweeten the dough! OMG, did they smell good! I wish this blog had "smello-vision" or something so that you could experience their divine scent. I just kept sniffing the ones I served for our Easter dinner, over and over again. Then we ate them! All of them. Fast. Warm with butter.

Easter Country Egg Buns ~ Yum!

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