Friday, January 22, 2010

White & Wheat Dinner Rolls

Artisan White Dinner Roll ~ Chewy and Moist

Just a couple of belated photos showing some of the artisan dinner rolls I made and sold in the Farm Store around Thanksgiving time last November.

They were easy to make, although a bit of a challenge making them all equally sized, but then, that gave me the opportunity to use my new digital scale. (I'll write more about that some other time.) They turned out well and sold well too!

Artisan White Rolls in front, Rustic Mountain Wheat Rolls toward the back

© Copyright 2010 MotherHen Jen

1 comment:

Hardware Bob said...

They look even more scrumptious in person, the scent that fills the room is beyond mouth watering.

And, there are rarely any unsold rolls for me, I am feeling very roll deprived.