Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Guess I Should Write Something

I suppose I should post something here since I already have one faithful follower. Ha!

I haven't fully decided what all I will write about in this blog, but I will finish filling out the blog design and make my first "real" post soon.

Thank you, Zitrone, for checking out my other blogs. I appreciate you.

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Re said...

I was thinking this might be about chickens?

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Re,
This blog probably won't be much about chickens even though the title might suggest that. You might enjoy my main blog
Mountain Harvest Basket

Click on the topic label "chickens" to see what I've written about chickens in the past year or so.

You might also check out some of my friends' blogs like On the Way to Critter Farm , Laughing Orca Ranch and Farmgirl Fare. They feature backyard chicken raising from time to time.

You can find links to my friend's blogs on the right sidebar of my Mountain Harvest Basket blog, and then from their blogs they have links to other farm & country living blogs that also write about chickens from time to time. Also, goats, llamas, horses, sheep etc.

re said...

Thanks I'll be taking a look.